Look after your mind like you look after your teeth

We probably don’t even think about it but every day we dedicate time to looking after our teeth. We know our teeth need ongoing care so we brush them twice a day, we floss, avoid sugary foods, see a hygienist, and visit the dentist for a check up twice a year. Although it’s really important that we have regular check-ups, its actually that  2 minutes twice a day of brushing that makes the biggest impact when it comes to having sparkling pearly whites. We would never expect to have healthy teeth if we stopped brushing them altogether and just went to the dentist every few months! It’s the little things we do every day which give us good dental health and its exactly the same with mental health. 

It’s not the big things we do that keep us feeling well – it’s not that 2 week summer holiday in The Bahamas or the exciting new job, or much awaited house move (although those things might help!) it’s the small things we do every single day that make the biggest difference. 

Why not try making a habit of spending 5 minutes a day doing something which improves your mental health, just like you do your dental health, and see what happens!